Chocolate Marshmallow Cornflake Cookies

Last month I bought a new cookbook, The Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook by Christina Tosi. The cookbook is written by the head chef of the popular Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. The desserts at the Milk Bar incorporate tastes from different kinds of junk food like potato chips, pretzels and cereal. They are famous for their cereal milk which is basically milk that tastes like the leftovers at the bottom of your cereal bowl. I was excited to try some of the cookies in this book including the famous Compost Cookies which are full of interesting flavors like butterscotch chips, coffee, chocolate, pretzels, potato chips, and anything else that you want to throw in there.

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Dad’s Enchiladas

I think this recipe is based on a recipe for shredded beef enchiladas from the Better Homes and Gardens Mexican Cookbook. We’ve added to it a little over the years by adding peppers to the meat mixture. Dad likes to add a can of diced green chilies while I prefer to add a couple of poblanos and jalepenos.

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Tropical drink #2

Pina Coladas

I planned to make these when Josh visited as a way to finish up the rum. Sadly, we ended up not really drinking that much. The mission was not accomplished! I bought most of the ingredients before he got here so I decided to use them anyway. (I did end up having one Pina Colada during Josh’s visit while we were playing Lego Pirates of the Carribean…it seemed fitting.)

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