Welcome to No Meat No Meal. Hi! My name is Mary and this is my blog. This blog is a chronicle of my life and the lives of those dearest to me. I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes, accounts of trips I’ve taken and some other odds and ends that come up along the way.

A little note on the name of the blog. No Meat No Meal is Josh’s philosophy on food. He shared this with my family and we all became enamored with his clever and funny thoughts on food. I’m sure some of his comments on food will pop up from time to time. I decided to name my blog No Meat No Meal because it is a funny inside joke so if you are expecting a food blog with tons of meaty meals you might be disappointed. In fact, I haven’t been eating much meat at all lately (don’t tell Josh!) There will be lots of recipes though. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and I have been searching for a great way to organize all of my recipes and to share family recipes.

About the Authors:

Photo by William Ames Photography

Mary is the intrepid leader of this project. She has a PhD in Microbiology from Penn State and is currently working as a postdoctoral research assistant in Little Rock, Arkansas but is looking forward to moving to St. Louis sometime this year. Mary loves baking and cooking and is always up to trying out new things in the kitchen.

Josh is Mary’s boyfriend. He is another scientist with a PhD in Chemistry from Penn State. Mary and Josh met and fell in love at Penn State. He is currently working as a postdoctoral research assistant in St. Louis. Josh is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan but is pretty excited to be in a city with professional sports of any kind. He likes to read really boring history books in his spare time and is an avid comic book guy.

Barbara is Mary’s sister. She recently graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in biology. She is currently working as scientist at a prominent cancer research center in Houston, TX. Barbara also loves to bake, especially fancy cupcakes.

Also look from posts from Mary and Barbara’s brother Charlie and their parents, Marden and Bruce.

Oh, and I almost forgot! An exorbitant number of pictures of Mary’s cat Pepper Potts. (Yes, as in Iron Man’s girlfriend. Josh was involved in naming her…)

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