Portrait Session on the Penn State University Campus

My last trip to State College in August 2011 for Josh’s dissertation defense was pretty boring. I was there over a week and the most interesting stuff we did was the actual defense and the birthday weekend trip to Hershey. The rest of the time I was there Josh worked while I hung around State College. This was obviously before I started the blog so I didn’t take a bunch of pictures of State College. Quite frankly, after living there for about 7 years I really didn’t need to take any more pictures of that place and if I am ever inclined to do so could probably find a bunch of old pictures to share. However, we did have some professional pictures taken of us.

Photo by William Ames Photography

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Josh’s Dissertation Defense

In August 2011 Josh defended his doctoral dissertation. I came out to see the defense and to spend some time with him. I planned my trip so that I would get to State College a few days before his defense and then stayed for about a week. I thought that having the bulk of my visit be after the defense would be less stressful, but it turned out that I was wrong! Josh had to move out of his apartment and into his friends condo the weekend before his defense and he really could have used my help.

Josh with his pig-shaped cake

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Birthday Weekend 2011

My friends and I have a tradition that we all get together for a weekend between August and October to celebrate our birthdays at the same time. We call this tradition Birthday Weekend. Since I moved down to Arkansas I have missed a couple of Birthday Weekends and will miss it again this year. But last year I was able to work it out so that we could all meet in Hershey, PA for a fun day at Hershey Park.

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