Pork Chile Verde

This is one of my favorite dishes! It is warm and sunny, a perfect meal for a cold winter’s day. It is also a great meal if you are feeling under the weather or depressed because eating it just feels like home and happiness. I like to eat it alone as a stew but it is also great on a bed of Spanish rice.

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Arrabiatta Sauce

Arrabiatta sauce is a spicy marinara sauce. I first fell in love with Arrabiatta sauce at the Olive Garden when a bunch of my friends and I decided to order the never-ending pasta bowl. We all wanted to try more than one sauce/pasta/meat combination which is really hard because the portions are enormous! This recipe is from Rachel Ray’s first book Rachel Ray 30-Minute Meals.

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Dad’s Enchiladas

I think this recipe is based on a recipe for shredded beef enchiladas from the Better Homes and Gardens Mexican Cookbook. We’ve added to it a little over the years by adding peppers to the meat mixture. Dad likes to add a can of diced green chilies while I prefer to add a couple of poblanos and jalepenos.

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Elementary Macaroni

Yesterday was Josh’s birthday and one of the meals he requested I make for him was Elementary Macaroni. This is a recipe by Justin Wilson that Mom and Dad saw on his television program on  PBS in the 80’s. When I was a kid I hated this recipe but now it is definitely a regular in my rotation. I’m not sure if I grew up or if it was just the addition of mint (that was always my theory as a kid) but I definitely like this recipe now. The recipe as written makes a ton of food so I usually halve the recipe and that is what I’ve posted here. Continue reading