So I guess I’m a stress baker…

Josh will probably confirm that he’s known this all along.

I feel like stress baking is some quirky term they give to girls in romantic comedies but that no one really is a stress baker. I had a pretty stressful day today as I worried about my impending move. I am moving in the next two months, I don’t have a job, but I still have bills… It could be worse though, at least I have a really nice boyfriend who is going to take care of me (probably so he can eat all of the cookies.)

Anyway, this evening I was able to make it home without stopping for sour cream and onion ruffles, a really bad habit I picked up in grad school. (Nothing soothes away the stress of a hard day like a bag of sour cream and onion ruffles!) But, once I got home I knew I wanted something chocolate-y. I have ice cream in the freezer but I really wanted some Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies. I wasn’t just a taste thing but also a texture thing. Sadly, I only had 1/2 bag of semi-sweet chips, a bag of mini chips and a bag of milk chocolate chips. I decided to make the recipe on the back of the milk chocolate chip wrapper. (You need to use a different recipe with milk chocolate because otherwise the cookies won’t taste quite right.)

And that is how I came to bake a batch of cookies tonight. They don’t quite hit the spot, but I suppose part of the stress relief comes from the act of baking itself. And sharing the cookies with my coworkers tomorrow (I expect they’ll all lose 5 lbs when I move away!) As for the cookies themselves, I think the batter to chocolate chip ratio is a bit weird (too much batter.) They seem a lot more like “bakery” cookies than my trusty Nestle recipe.

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