Josh and Mary Explore Downtown Little Rock

We always celebrate Josh’s birthday on the Fourth of July because they are so close together. The Fourth of July festivities in Little Rock include a concert by the Little Rock Symphony Orchestra Pops followed by some fireworks. In my research, I also found that there was going to be a party to view the fireworks from the roof of the Peabody which sounded fantastic. So, I bought tickets to the party and a hotel room for Josh’s birthday present. Since I decided to get a hotel room, I thought we’d spend the 4th and 5th bumming around downtown Little Rock to see the sights.

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Elementary Macaroni

Yesterday was Josh’s birthday and one of the meals he requested I make for him was Elementary Macaroni. This is a recipe by Justin Wilson that Mom and Dad saw on his television program on  PBS in the 80’s. When I was a kid I hated this recipe but now it is definitely a regular in my rotation. I’m not sure if I grew up or if it was just the addition of mint (that was always my theory as a kid) but I definitely like this recipe now. The recipe as written makes a ton of food so I usually halve the recipe and that is what I’ve posted here. Continue reading

Summer drinks #1

I’m planning on moving to St. Louis at the end of the summer to be closer to Josh. I don’t plan on moving any of the liquor that I currently own. It is fragile and flammable and I just think it will be easier to use it up or throw it out. Fortunately, I don’t drink much and when I do drink at home it is usually beer, wine, or premixed cocktails. Still, I do have a bottle of cherry vodka, a bottle of rum, a small bottle of Calvados and a tiny bottle of Grand Marnier. I definitely think I’ll have the hardest time getting rid of the Calvados! Continue reading