Bagels and hooping

This morning I decided to go to my favorite (the only) bagel place in the Little Rock area.

I love this place! It is only about 10 minutes away in Maumelle. It is a great family-owned and operated business. They make the bagels fresh everyday and use a New York-style method. The bagels are good not as good as real New York bagels, but much better than anything available in the grocery store! I picked up bagels for myself and a few for Josh because he’s going to be visiting next week.

After visiting the bagel store, I stopped off at the Two Rivers Bridge to go for a walk and do some hula hooping.

The Two Rivers Bridge is the latest in a series of pedestrian bridges that have been built spanning the Arkansas River. Little Rock in the final stages of a project to build trails all along the Arkansas River stretching from the downtown area by the Clinton Presidential Library to the Pinnacle Mountain State Park. When Josh was living here over the winter we would walk the Two Rivers and Big Dam Bridges every weekend. The bridges are always busy with walkers, runners and cyclists but it was over 100 degrees at 10 AM so it was much less crowded. I crossed the bridge, walked around one of the trails and found a nice spot to hula hoop near the river. I don’t have a picture of my hoop but I recently re-taped it ant it is looking very sharp!

After all that exercise

You didn’t think I was going to talk about bagels without showing one, did you?

I came home to sample one of those delicious bagels!

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