I’ve Moved!

I have moved from Little Rock to St. Louis! My last day of work was last Wednesday and it was really sad. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were a whirl of activity!

I ended up spending way too much time at work finishing things up on Thursday which left Josh to do most of the remaining packing. We picked up the truck at noon. I have to mention that we used Penske and had a really good experience. The price was great, we got a brand new truck and the service we received was amazing. We loaded stuff into the truck Thursday afternoon and evening. However we still had lots of stuff unpacked in the apartment! We worked all night but still had a really hectic morning.

Josh got on the road with the truck at 11 but I still had to vacuum and clean the bathroom. I decided to vacuum the bedroom first and lock Pepper in the bedroom while I cleaned the bathroom and finished the vacuuming. Huge mistake! When I finally went in to get her she was on the very top shelf of the closet, out of reach!

Here is a picture of the closet to give you perspective on where Pepper was hiding. She’s on the upper left corner in the back.

I finally got her to come down by offering some treats and I grabbed her. I put her into the carrier and went to the office to get the office manager to do the walk through of the apartment. I told her the story as we walked through the apartment and when we got to the bedroom closet she looked up and said, “There’s the cat!” Some how she had escaped the carrier and gotten back into the closet! You can’t fool a cat twice, so we ended up having to trap her.

Anyway, I finally got her back into the carrier and then I had to drive for 7 hours with her crying in the back of the car. I hate driving long distances! I was so tired!

On Saturday, we then had to sort through the truck and carry some stuff into the apartment while we put the rest of my stuff into a storage facility. So now we are trying to fit all of my stuff into Josh’s tiny apartment. We’re not getting cable and internet until Monday so I probably won’t post again until then.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some pictures of Pepper helping us unpack.

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