Pepper is Settling into Her New Home

Pepper was not super receptive to the move. Cats pretty much hate change and travel so I wasn’t particularly surprised. When I moved from State College to Little Rock she cried the whole way there. Like 16 hours! Plus she clawed at the pet carrier, reducing her claws to sad little stumps. It took almost a year for her claws to grow back to normal. Her general travel anxiety was exacerbated when we stopped for the night and the fire alarm was set off at 5 am by some burnt toast! She was running around like crazy and it was very hard to get her back into the carrier.

This move also did not start out that well. If you remember from this post, Pepper escaped her carrier and hid in the closet. Upon arriving in Josh’s apartment, she hid under the bed for about a week. She barely even came out for food and water! I placed her favorite quilt under the bed to try to calm her down and make her feel at home.


When she did finally come out from under the bed she terrorized Josh by keeping him up all night banging cabinets and rustling boxes. Now she is pretty much back to her normal self. She is even getting more comfortable with the ceiling fans (she was creeping around like there was a winged predator hunting her when it was on.) Oh, and she loves my new quilt!


Mom made me this quilt as a congratulations on graduating from graduate school present. It was made with the help of my sister and my Mom’s best friend Joanne.


Pepper even has a new box courtesy of AT&T (my new DVR was shipped to me in this  box.)

DSCN2802 DSCN2801

I’m glad Pepper is starting to fit in here! I’m sure I’ll have more pictures to share with you in the future.

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