Zombie Walk on the Two Rivers Bridge

Remember when I mentioned that there was a stretch of the trail between the Big Dam and Two Rivers bridges that would make an excellent Zombie Walk? Well someone must have been listening because this weekend Reel Arkansas held a Zombie Walk on the Two Rivers Bridge.

The event was hosted by Reel Arkansas, a group of local photographers, actors, and filmmakers. The walk also functioned as a food drive and all participants were asked to bring 4 cans of food to be donated to the Arkansas Food Bank. We got to the park around 4:30 and the actual walk was supposed to start around 5. The organizers had made chocolate brains for everyone to eat and they supplied water for us to drink. Which was good because it was actually pretty hot out.

I found out about the zombie walk Friday afternoon and I invited my friend Sarah. She brought along her friend Lacey. We met up around 3:30 and put on the make up. I got a $5 kit at Target that included make up and some weird “zombie flesh.” The flesh was sticky but fell off pretty quickly. In fact, the wound at my neck fell off before I even left the apartment. Oh, and the blood in the kit was blue! All in all, I was still pleased with my zombie look. I threw on the lab coat because it was a quick and easy costume. Sarah got a kit with temporary tattoos and some clumpy fake blood. Those tattoos were great and the blood really worked!

Sarah, Lacey and I then decided to take a picture to commemorate this (and before our make up melted) and I found out that my camera was low on battery! Luckily Sarah has a pretty good camera phone. Almost all of these pictures were taken by her. Thanks for the pics Sarah!

The actual walk was supposed to be on the bridge but I think the path under the 430 bridge is much creepier. So we decided to take some pictures there. Which was pretty great especially since there was a random truck parked under the bridge.

Everyone kind of milled around waiting for the zombie walk to start. There were some really good costumes!

There was a couple having an engagement shoot in the park near the beginning of the bridge. Several of my fellow zombies discussed photobombing them but ultimately we all agreed that they might get mad. It was very interesting to see the reaction of the “regular” bridge visitors. I think they were all a little surprised and hopefully amused. At around 5 we all started stumbling over the bridge.

When we got to the other side we met up with some zombie killers who herded us back over the bridge.

When we got to the other side we drank some water and nibbled on some brains before heading home. Actually, we decided to stop for some take out from a local Chinese restaurant. Man, did they think we were weird…

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