Zombie Walk

Last winter Josh and I fell in love with the Two Rivers and Big Dam bridges. We went on long walks in Two Rivers Park and between the two bridges on Saturdays and Sundays. Each walk is around 5 miles and takes about 2 hours. We found the walks to be very peaceful and good exercise.

While we definitely liked the walking and talking on nice winter days, we still felt that the walk between the Big Dam Bridge and the Two Rivers Bridge was a little unnerving. (This may have been due to watching the second half of a tremendous second season of the Walking Dead!) Anyway, the trail between the two bridges is an old unused road complete with yellow lines. It is a bit creepy.

I think it was a little creepier in the winter when all of the trees had lost their leaves. This journey is also a little unsettling because it starts by passing under the I-430 overpass.

The sound of cars driving overhead does dispel the notion that you are in a post-apocalyptic nightmare a little bit. Of late, the feeling of quiet abandonment has been slightly increased due to a train just sitting on the tracks not going anywhere.

Is that an abandoned train? Have we suddenly lost all the power in the world so nothing works anymore? Is that a jogger or a zombie?! AAAHHHH!

This pathway is actually pretty busy with lots of runners, walkers, and bicyclists using the trail. However, unlike Two Rivers Park, you are not surrounded by people, giving you the impression that you are all alone. There are also fewer animals in the area, probably because it was originally a street.

The views are pretty spectacular though. To get to the Big Dam Bridge, you have to cross a smaller bridge which moved in an unnerving way when there are other people on it.

And now there is a new spur of the Big Dam Bridge that leads directly from this trail. I posted pictures in a previous post the weekend it officially opened.

On this particular trip I also noticed that they have been doing some landscaping courtesy of some local landscaping companies.

What a great addition to the park and a neat way to get some advertising!

There is also a traffic circle in the middle of the “zombi” section of the walk that used to be pretty creepy. The creepiness has been lessened with some new landscaping as well.

So that is it. A detailed look at the Zombi walk. Josh and I think it would be a perfect location if anyone in Little Rock decided to host a Zombi 5K or something.

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