Grant’s Farm Part 2

When I left off, Josh and I had just finished being attacked by a herd of greedy goats who tried to eat our pants (especially the drawstrings at my waist.) Then we looked at some of the birds that were hanging out in the zoo part of the park. Please check out the first part of our trip to Grant’s Farm to read about the deer park and goats. Oh, and technically the post on the Clydesdales was part of this trip to Grant’s Farm as well…

After meeting the goats, we checked out some of the other animals in the zoo. There were a lot of animals there with a surprising variety. One thing I should note is that the selections of animals are more like what you migh se at a petting zoo rather than a zoo. There were no dangerous predators like big cats. The park was still very enjoyable and it seemed petting the animals was allowed, though there were notices that the animals might bite.

We saw two really big tortoises. I got a picture of a tortoise up close, but I think this picture better demonstrates the size of the animal.

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