Our Engagement Story

Way back in February I posted the announcement of our engagement and some pictures of the ring. I never gave details about how Josh popped the question because we didn’t take any pictures. A few weeks ago we went to Laumeier Sculpture Park and took some so that we could post our story.

The morning started with a trip to a Chocolatier that I had read about in the newspaper. That place was really cool but very expensive. We got a box of truffles and a couple of French macarons. We then drove past a Whole Foods and I suggested we stop. However, Josh had other plans. He was adamant that we should go to Laumeier for a walk.

We got to the sculpture park and it was really crowded. There was a Valentine’s Day event later in the evening but we weren’t planning to attend. Josh seemed very agitated and was surprised and unhappy about the crowds. As we walked along the paths, he kept looking around and commenting on how there were couples everywhere. Eventually, we got to a secluded part of the park.


This particular exhibit is an abandoned 1929 pool that artist Mary Miss built a patio complex and designed a landscaping strategy around. When we were there in February there was a lot less greenery.

decrepit pool may 2013

The pool is very cool and has this kind of weird, creepy abandoned feel to it. The patio is a two story structure overlooking the pool.


This is the view from the second story

This is the view from the second story

Josh and I walked around the pool and climbed the stairs to the second floor.


And that is where he proposed to me!!! (And I said yes of course!)

Here are a couple of pictures we took to commemorate the event.




And finally a self portrait.


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