Pepper’s Treat Game

Pepper has had a busy week this week. On Monday she went to the vet for a check up and was proclaimed to be in good health. She was really scared though and as soon as she was in her carrier and in the car she started mewing with the most pathetic kitten mews I have ever heard! She is going to be a real pill on the trip to St. Louis! When we drove from Pennsylvania to Arkansas she cried the whole way. When she wasn’t crying she was clawing her claws to shreds on the door of the carrier.

Anyway, on to the pictures! Josh requested a series of pictures about the treat game he plays with Pepper. Josh “hides” treats on the top of Pepper’s favorite wicker cat tree shelving unit. We also hide them on the top of her scratching post and at a couple of other locations around the room. Pepper then runs around trying to find them. She is getting pretty good at knocking them off of the wicker cat tree and catching them in mid-air. I have included a couple of old pictures of her walking around the top of the shelving unit.

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