Fall is here!

Its the first of October, college football is well underway and apple cider is finally in the grocery store!

Look at those delicious honeycrisp apples! I love the fall. I think it might be my favorite season. I also like living in warm weather climates which is sad because it definitely hampers the fall fun. When I lived in PA, Josh and I would go apple picking and bring home tons of fresh apples and cider to make applesauce. In Michigan there is a great tradition of waking up on a crisp fall Saturday, putting on your team sweatshirt and eating cider donuts while you watch the big game. (There were cider mills every where!) Here in Arkansas the fall festivities are definitely less awesome than those in the northeast. I am glad that I can still get some fresh cider and apples from the grocery store even if the kinds of apples are different from those I prefer. I’m a huge Macintosh apple girl and the only place that sells them here is the Fresh Market (honeycrisps may be winning me over though.)

I also really dig pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin ales. I love, love, love to carve pumpkins and will probably carve several this year. (One of my friends has even suggested getting together like we did last year! Yay!)

This month I thought I would recap some of the fun stuff I did last year. This includes a trip to my grandparents’ house in New Mexico and Josh’s trip to Little Rock to celebrate my birthday. We tried to take in as many fall activities as LR had to offer with mixed results. I also hosted an almost successful pumpkin carving party. Just to confuse things, Josh will be visiting this weekend for my b-day and I am pretty sure we are going to do some of the same things we did last year…

In other news, I’ve been cooking up a storm. On Friday I had the brilliant idea of making a pumpkin pie spiced macaron and then I had the idea to make a pumpkin spiced latte macaron! Both are pretty good but the lab seems to prefer the latte version. (We’ll see what Josh thinks when he gets here on Friday.)

I loved the pumpkin spice latte white chocolate ganache so much I am going to use the leftovers to make truffles. I also made Avgolemono soup and I am planning on baking up some pumpkin bread later this week.

Oh, and there will be tons of pictures of Pepper (I know that’s really all anyone is reading this blog for anyway…) Recently, she stopped sleeping in Josh’s New Balance box (which she fits in) and started sleeping in my New Balance box (yeah, it’s too small for her!)

So, lots of stuff to look forward to on the blog this month. Thanks for reading! I really hope everyone is enjoying it.

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