St. Louis, here I come!

I’m traveling to visit Josh in St. Louis this weekend. I decided to post the last few pictures I took on my last visit in honor of this trip. Sadly, I only have three pictures.

On my last trip to visit Josh we went to the Renaissance Faire, we shopped for a mattress and we went to the Laumeier Sculpture Park.

The Laumeire Sculpture Park is a really cool park full of art installations. It is only a few minutes from Josh’s apartment and is one of his favorite places to walk. It is also an extremely popular location for wedding photography. Hopefully this weekend I’ll take a few more pictures to show some of the additional art in the park this blue sculpture is not the only piece in the park.

After my trip was over, Josh took me to the airport. But we got there 2 or 3 hours before my flight left! We spent the time watching the ebb and flow of the security line and sipping on iced tea at Starbucks. Oh, and I made my own art installation…

What a sweet guy!

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