The Critters of Two Rivers Park

Since the weather has cooled off a little bit, I have been taking advantage of the two great walking bridges in town. Today I’ll talk about Two Rivers Bridge and park. This is the newest of the bridges and I really like it but it is tremendously busy!

In addition to all the dogs, walkers, runners, and bikers, the animals living in the park are also taking advantage of the break in the heat wave.

Last week I saw an armadillo and two deer.

I only got a picture of one of the deer, a baby. He was out getting a snack. I didn’t want to spook him, so I kept my distance.

The other deer was really close to me. I saw her just walking down the path like everyone else. A biker passed her and she moved into the cover of the brush. I was fumbling with my camera when a dog spooked her and the deer jumped off into the trees.

On my walk today, I saw a turtle and a snake. The turtle was crossing the walking path but he got startled when I walked up to him.

As I walked away, I noticed he had tucked his head into his shell. I hope he was able to cross the path before a bunch of children and dogs came and bothered him.

The snake actually startled me a little. I was walking along, thinking about stuff and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the snake on the edge of the path.

I am not ashamed to say that I jumped a little bit! If I was a horse I definitely would have been spooked. I kept my distance as I walked by.

One of the things I like about walking on these trails is that you get to see all of the animals and people. In addition to these animals, I saw tons of dragonflies and butterflies and several birds but my camera is not really good enough to catch them. Oh, and tons of dogs. It is a great place for families to spend the afternoon getting some sunshine and exercise.

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