Pepper when she was a kitten

Josh requested some pictures of Pepper when she was a kitten. Josh and I got Pepper at a petting zoo at the Memorial Day Festival in Boalsburg, PA. She cost $5 and was unknown weeks old (we think she was 4 or 6 weeks old but never really knew for sure.) She was named Pepper Potts after Iron Man’s girlfriend. The first movie had just come out which means that we must have gotten her in 2008. Josh is a comic book freak and he wanted to name her after a comic book character so he kept trying obvious X-men names which I recognized and rejected. (Thinking about it now, Rogue would have been a pretty good cat name.) Pepper was a compromise because unless you knew the background story you might think she was named after the spice due to her grey, brown and black stripes.

2 thoughts on “Pepper when she was a kitten

  1. Pepper is an awesome cat! I miss my cat Kayla, who is now living and tolerating my lovely parents in Florida. I look forward to hearing more of her and your experiences sharing lives together! Thanks for sharing.

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